Read for 30 minutes, 4x per week.  This should be approximately 80-100 pages.  Also, take notes* on what you've read.

Letter Essay #2 due 12/17.

Your next writing piece is due 1/27.  Even though you have ample class time, you may need to work on your writing at home to ensure it's completed by the due date.
(Find information on the Writing Process at the top of the page).

Weekly Word Study Due:
Section 3 - 12/16
Sections 5 & 2 - 12/10
Sections 1 & 4 - 12/11

(Check out the tab at the top of the page for more information about Spelling).

*Reading Notes:  As you read, you should have a critical eye.  What makes this book enjoyable?  Terrible?  What is the writer doing to keep your attention?

You might jot down:
- Quotes, passages (and page #)
- Character / Setting Descriptions
- Interesting dialogue or dialect
- Figurative language the author uses well
- Things you like/dislike about the plot, setting, characters, descriptions, etc.

Use sticky notes, a notebook, take pictures with your phone...whatever works best for you to keep track of what you're noticing in your reading.

In class on Reading Days, I will be checking your page numbers and notes, as well as discussing your book with you.

Reading Workshop Schedule
 Section One - Day 4
Section Two - Day 3
Section Three - Day 2
Section Four - Day 4
Section Five - Day 5