Summer Reading - Incoming 8th Grade

Instructions for Summer Reading are listed below, along with the attached document that students must fill out.  Remember, you need to read TWO books and fill in a Book Review for BOTH. 
A sample book review is listed below, as well, if you're feeling stuck on how to write your own.

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Summer Reading 8th Grade 2014
Book Review

You are required to read two books over the summer and complete the attached pages, one review for each book.  This work needs to be completed and turned in when you return to school in August. Directions for each section of the book review are listed below.


Short Summary: In this section, write a short synopsis of the book you’ve read.  It doesn’t need to be the entire novel, but an explanation of the main character and the main plot.  It should be a well-developed paragraph that explains the problem your main character is facing.

Excerpt that shows a great lead, description of the main character, unique wording, setting, or builds suspense: Choose an excerpt from the novel that gives a glimpse of what your book is like.  You can choose the lead to your book if it’s exciting and suspenseful. Perhaps find a fitting description of the main character that really shows who he/she is.  You might use an excerpt that demonstrates the author’s unique writing style or wording. You could also choose a detailed description of the setting or a section of the novel that builds suspense.

Why you recommend this title: What made this book something you wanted to read?  Why should someone else read it?  Give examples and details that explain what made this book such a fantastic read, and who might enjoy reading it, too.

Summer Reading Book Review