Weekly Word Study - Spelling

For our spelling program this year, students will be compiling personal spelling lists and completing weekly word studies.  In order to promote long-term memory for spelling words, students will choose the words they misspell most often and focus on those until they have mastered them.

*Need help coming up with words for your Personal Spelling list?  I've linked a copy to commonly misspelled words at the bottom of the page.

Procedure for Weekly Word Study

Every week, prior to class on, copy five words from your personal spelling list into the first column of a weekly word study sheet.  Copy exactly as the words appear on your personal spelling list so you don't learn misspellings!  Please print, rather than using cursive, so the individual letters are separate and distinct.  Then, for homework, study your five words by following each and every step of the procedure described below, in preparation for a partner test the following week.  Each week it should take you about twenty minutes to complete the following steps with your five words:

1. Read the first word: look at it and say it.

2. Spell the word to yourself: touch each letters with your pencil and say the letters softly aloud to yourself.

3. Close your eyes.  See the word in your mind.  Say each of the individual letters softly aloud to yourself.

4. Now, put your muscle memory to work.  Carefully print the word in the next three columns, and say each of the individual letters to yourself as you write.

5.  Take a break for four or five minutes to give your long-term memory time to process the look of the word, its letters, and their order.  Leave behind your spelling and do something else for those minutes: read, do other homework, watch TV, listen to music, etc.

6.  Then, cover the correct spelling with your hand, or fold your paper, and print the word in the "Spell" column.

7. Proofread:  check the word you just wrote letter for letter against the original, using the tip of your pencil.

8. If you spelled the word correctly, put a star in the final column and go on to the next word on the list.  If you misspelled it, repeat the process above (steps 1 -6), this time printing the word in the "Spell Again" column.

9.  Repeat the procedure with each word.  Again, the process will take about twenty minutes to complete all five words.

Ashley Nicol,
Sep 14, 2015, 4:13 AM